July 14, 2008

I finally cleaned out the home schooling materials from the motorhome and replaced them with my art supplies. It is parked at the old barn where I keep our two black mustang mares, Luna and Wenona.

After years of fits and starts, I'm ready to focus on my fine art. I've worked off and on for the past twenty years in commercial art- graphic design, studio management, murals, portraiture, etc. But now I'm ready to start creating for myself and for the sheer joy of it, and I want to share this ongoing journey with anyone who would like to come along.

Having the girls close to my studio is incredibly inspiring. When I'm ready to take a break and get a breath of fresh air, I just have to walk a few hundred yards to where they are (unless they are out in the pasture), and they are always happy to see me. This is how I've always envisioned being an artist- being surrounded by beauty and life, and translating it into artwork.

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