August 14, 2008

Primal Horse/Primal Horsewoman items

Some of my clients have been asking about more caps, and the new handbags series that I'm working on. I'm posting a few photos here, not all of these will be available as they are sold, but this is a good idea of what the items look like. If you are interested in purchasing one, call or email and I'll let you know what
I've got in inventory.


writinfool said...

Great photos of your stuff! It occurred to me that when you welded 4 horseshoes together, you could put mica or non-flammable parchment in the "holes" to make a candle holder, too.

Xtabay said...

Thanks for the comment... I'm thinking of doing what you suggested- welding 3 or 4 shoes together, and putting glass 'panes' in the shoes, creating translucent images of horses/women and fusing them in the glass kiln.